PROJECT publications

Book of Narratives: (Better) Stories from the Pandemic

Scientific publications

Better stories for a gender equal and fairer social recovery from outbreaks: learnings from the RESISTIRÉ project

Sofia Strid, Colette Schrodi & Roberto Cibin (2022) Better stories for a gender equal and fairer social recovery from outbreaks: learnings from the RESISTIRÉ project, Gender & Development, 30:1-2, 265-281, DOI: 10.1080/13552074.2022.2071992

Bobek, A., Clavero, S., Gavigan, S., & Ryan, M. (2023). COVID-19 Pandemic in Ireland and the Gendered Division of Care Work: The Impact of the Pandemic on Childcare Policy, Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society, 2023;, jxad011,

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Aristegui Fradua, I., Beloki Marañón, U., & Silvestre Cabrera, M. ( 2023). La asunción moral del cuidado de los progenitores: ¿una cuestión de género? Papers, 108(3), e3170.

Nyklová, B., Moree, D., & Maufras Černohorská, V. (2022). Ignorance as a factor in the irregular regulation of domestic violence against women in the mirror of the covid-19 pandemic. Sociological journal / Czech Sociological Review, 58(5), 533-562. doi: 10.13060/csr.2022.034

Černohorská, V., Očenášová, Z., & Kende, A. (2023). The COVID-19 pandemic and gender+ inequalities in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia: The heteronormativity of anti-pandemic measures and their impact on vulnerable groups. Gender a výzkum / Gender and Research, 24(1):114-134.

Journal Special Issue edited by RESISTIRÉ:

Lopéz Belloso, M. & Strid, S. (eds.) (2023). Covid, crisis and public policy: Analysis of the impact of the pandemic and social policies implemented on gendered inequalities. Special issue of Papers. Revista de Sociologia, 108(3).

Other publications

Kolasinska, A. (2023). Translating research findings into operational tools in the context of a crisis: the RESISTIRÉ approach. Gender and Research, 24(1), 191-195.


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