Better is Possible: RESISTIRÉ holds its final set of Open Studios

Mar 3, 2023 | Blog

The RESISTIRÉ project is designed to be participatory. Each of the three cycles that make up the project starts with in-depth research, leading to a collaborative elaboration of solutions during the Open Studios and culminating with the development of operational recommendations to mitigate the gendered inequalities caused, or exacerbated, by COVID-19 policy responses. Having completed the third research cycle, the RESISTIRÉ team is now hosting its final set of Open Studios, taking place from February to March 2023.



The Open Studios constitute an innovative, multidisciplinary approach to policy design, bringing together a wide diversity of participants and methods to ensure creative and innovative outputs. They are designed to produce ideas for concrete action, input for recommendations to reshape policies, and questions that still need to be answered (missing insights or knowledge). During these intensive two-day workshops, project partners gather with activists, national researchers, policymakers, and NGO representatives to focus on specific thematic areas. 




OS1 – Solutions for Older People in a Post-pandemic World

During this OS we try to develop innovative and inclusive solutions to the issues that diverse groups of older people face in their daily lives. This includes topics such as inclusion (including in care), older people caring for others, isolation, and ageism.

OS2 – Ecosystems of Care: Inclusive and Healing Urban Ecologies

During this OS we try to find creative and innovative ways of including nature and its healing/caring energy inside urban contexts. This includes such actions as creating a community of researchers and activists around the concept of ecosystems of care, as well as exploring the ways in which existing initiatives (including RESISTIRÉ’s own pilot projects on the subject) can be multiplied and scaled up.

OS3 – Creative Civic Responses to Crises

During this OS we try to develop inclusive, durable and creative solutions to ongoing and future social crises in the wake of government and civil society responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes such topics as the development of more inclusive crisis plans, how civil society can prepare for and respond to crises of various types, and how the connections/interactions between civil society and policy actors can be improved for future crises.

OS4 – Inclusive Digitalisation and Bridging the Digital Divide

During this OS we try to find solutions to make ongoing digitalisation processes in our societies more inclusive and accessible. This includes such topics as how to reduce barriers to entry for digital technologies for various vulnerable groups, inclusive education on how to navigate digital spaces, and the universal/intersectional design of digital technologies.

Outputs available in Spring 2023

Findings and ideas developed during the Open Studios will be integrated, among others, in our third set of factsheets and a new research agenda, to be issued in Spring 2023. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to receive our project updates!