New RESISTIRÉ mobile app measuring inequalities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Oct 28, 2021 | Project news

The RESISTIRÉ team is preparing to release a new mobile application-based study that supports our project aims of collecting quantitative indicators on the attitudes and experiences of people experiencing the pandemic across Europe. Hosting our study on a dynamic platform, like portable mobile devices, presents the unique opportunity for the public to conveniently and continuously share their observations, attitudes, and perspectives on the most salient inequalities throughout the pandemic recovery.

Responses from app users will contribute to a collective effort toward increasing knowledge and understanding of existing problems, as well as current and future priorities and solutions with COVID-19 policy responses.


Monitoring inequalities stemming from the pandemic

The objective of the RESISTIRÉ app is to provide support in measuring and monitoring the economic, social and environmental impacts of health policies in Europe. We will examine how COVID-19 and its policy responses have potentially exposed groups in Europe to socio-economic risk factors related to identity features (including, race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and other identity markers.)

App Approach

The app-based study is being developed jointly by researchers from the Institute for Ethical AI and the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice at Oxford Brookes University, along with input from the RESISTIRÉ team. 

The app will be free to download on iOS and Android devices. Any adult residing in the EU27, UK, Turkey, Serbia, and Iceland is welcome to participate.

After downloading the app, participants will be asked a series of questions about their socio-demographic background and their attitudes and perspectives on pandemic related inequalities. Questions cover various themes, including but not limited to, employment, domestic care, safety, environment, and human rights.  

Users also have the opportunity to report on their experiences throughout the pandemic. We will send occasional push notifications to participants when we have new questions that would benefit from new insights. These follow-up questions help us monitor if responses are changing over the study period and allow us to focus on and develop deeper understanding topics of increasing importance over the course of the pandemic recovery. 

Expected Outcomes

All findings from the RESISTIRÉ app study will be shared through reports and interactive data visualisations where you can see how people in different European countries are experiencing the pandemic. Our hope is that this study will contribute towards developing future policies with the aim of reducing inequalities arising during the COVID-19 pandemic.