Feb 15, 2023 | Events, Project news

As RESISTIRÉ comes to an end in September 2023, we are delighted to invite you to the project’s final conference:


Towards Inclusive CrisIs Responses

20-21 June 2023


& online

Almost three years after the outbreak of COVID-19 we take a look at the impact that policies responding to the pandemic have had on inequalities, specifically when related to gender. Not only have these policies strongly increased existing inequalities related to work, care and health – leading to disastrous effects on people’s wellbeing and safety, they have also created new inequalities, such as in digitalisation, access to green spaces, or health services.
However, the crisis has also highlighted many Better Stories of inspiring policy and societal responses to these gendered impacts, striving to build back better by putting care, diversity, and social wellbeing at the centre of social change, and challenging gendered and intersectional power relations.

What could we do better next time? How can policies ensure more inclusive crisis responses?

This 1.5 day conference will present the project’s policy recommendations, based on inspiring Better Stories and pilot projects as a proof-of-concept for fairer and more inclusive crisis management. Gathering researchers, policymakers and representatives from civil society organisations, the event will focus on the following topics:

DAY 1: 20 June

  • Presentation of key results from RESISTIRE

  • Gender-based violence in the pandemic

    DAY 2: 21 June

    • Beyond connection: caring for an inclusive digital transition

    • Bringing back care to healthcare

    • Policy support towards inclusive crisis responses

     This programme overview is preliminary and will be completed with more details in the next weeks.

    The event will be streamed online and physical participation will be limited. Be sure to save your seat!